Beat Saber is getting some new songs, but it’s taking longer to implement than originally thought

If you’ve played Beat Saber then you fully understand just how addictive and fun its gameplay can be.

Slicing though blocks to the beats of various songs is probably the best time you can have in VR, but the extremely small in-game soundtrack has everyone begging for more content.

PC players can easily ignore the tiny soundtrack with the use of mods and custom songs, but PSVR players don’t have such an option. Luckily, developer Beat Games hears the many cries for more songs.

The team behind Beat Saber is currently working on delivering a new pack of songs to Beat Saber. Originally though, implementing the music pack was expected to be a pretty easy task, but according to the Beat Saber Twitter, things weren’t as easy as expected.

At this point, everyone’s definitely starving for more Beat Saber content, but hopefully the upcoming music pack is right on the horizon.

Recently, Beat Saber had a free update which introduced the popular League of Legends K/DA song POP/STARS into the game with a new stage. Beat Studio promises more free updates like this will come to the game as well.

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