FIFA points no longer available in Belgium

Pressure has finally force EA to succumb to Belgian authorities.

“After further talks with the Belgian authorities, we decided not to offer FIFA points for sale in Belgium.”

Previously, Belgium had decided to declare loot boxes as a form of gambling. This brought down the hammer on loot boxes, and all loot boxes were banned.

Now though, the Belgium is making sure that its policies are implement on all forms of loot box gambling. This pressure has force EA to pull FIFA points from Belgium.

FIFA points are the currency used in-game to purchase card packs containing players, kits, etc. for the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

EA attempted to argue that FIFA points were not a large source of income.

“Although we take this step, we do not agree with the interpretation of the law by the Belgian authorities and we continue to look for more clarity on this”

Forbes shows that 67 percent of EA’s revenue comes from digital sales. That comes to about 3.5 billion dollars.

It’s great to see Belgium’s pro-consumer anti-loot box push working out. It also helps paint a clearer image of just how anti-consumer companies like EA are as they continue to push for their loot boxes.


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