Tens of thousands of Reddit users support boycotting the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has come under fire recently for their methods of claiming exclusive titles. While many PC gamers take issue with exclusives already, Epic’s recent poaching of Metro Exodus has left a sour taste in a lot of mouths.

Following the Metro Exodus controversy, a Reddit user made a post titled, “Can we please all boycott the Epic Games Store? It’s full on anti consumer.”

Since its posting, it has gained over 35 thousand upvotes.

The post isn’t much more than some venting frustrations, but these frustrations are wholly justified. The post describes issues such as Epic Games Store’s lack of features, poor regional pricing, a shady privacy policy, and more.

For a PC games store, the Epic Games Store is certainly finding ways to make gamers into enemies extremely fast.

Source: Reddit

4 thoughts on “Tens of thousands of Reddit users support boycotting the Epic Games Store

  1. it’s not just the way they handle their information the game store itself it’s the way they handled games they don’t care them, if you want any kind of proof search up a game called paragon.

    1. I agree Paragon wasn’t handled well during it’s lifetime, but I’ll give Epic some credit for how they handled the shut down of the game since they gave everyone full refunds for any purchases.

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