Deep Silver could be looking at a lawsuit after the Metro Exodus bait and switch

The controversy surrounding Metro exodus doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

By now it’s common knowledge that the game’s switch from Steam to the Epic Games Store blindsided players, but those who pre-ordered the PC’s physical editions of the game may have a case of false advertising on their hands.

An article by AltChar points out the fact that within the heavy marketing for Metro Exodus that has been going on for months now, is the little detail of the release platform for PC.


Within every advertisement of the game PC players were led to believe that the game would be release on Steam, and up until recently that was thought to be true. Too bad that the game did a complete 180 and switched to the Epic Games Store.

The ‘Weapons Trailer’ for the game released on January 22, advertising the games Steam release at the end of the trailer.

Assuming that the game’s entire platform switch, business discussions, etc. took longer than 6 days (the game was announced to be switching platforms on January 28), Deep Silver was already in discussions about switching platforms if they hadn’t already decided at that point.

This causes some issue with those who purchased physical additions of the game in advanced for the PC, because those players aren’t receiving Steam keys of the game. They’re receiving Epic Games Store keys.

This is a huge deal as some pre-orders for the game can’t be canceled after today, January 31. According to some users on Twitter, even some game retailers are still under the impression that physical edition pre-orders will be redeemed via Steam.

This entire situation is a disaster, not only for Deep Silver and Epic’s PR, but for the release of what seemed to be a good game as well.

Deep Silver could end up seeing a lawsuit come from this situation due to the bait and switch of physical pre-orders.

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