February’s free PlayStation Plus games detailed

This month’s round of free games included with the PlayStation Plus membership have been revealed by Sony in their latest PlayStation Blog update.

Game number 1 is Ubisoft’s For Honor. The game is a melee combat-based game where you’ll be able to control Viking, Knight, or Samurai warriors to obtain your objectives in multiplayer modes.

The second free game you’ll be getting is Hitman: The Complete First Season. You’ll be able to travel the globe and stealthily take down your targets using everything in the environment as your weapon of choice. Whether you use guns, knives, or a soda can, the choice is up to you.

Of course, these 2 games are only the PS4 slice of the pie.

You’ll also get Divekick for PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on PS3, Gunhouse for PS Vita, and Rogue Aces for PS Vita.

This month’s games will also have an extended window of availability until March 8, but after this date PS Vita games will no longer be included in the PS Plus free games.

Games you’ve already claimed though will continue working as PS Plus redeemed games do.

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