Sony patents new backwards compatibility system for PlayStation 5 – Includes PS4, PS3, PS2, and PSX

A new patent that will allows backwards compatibility has been registered for the PS5.

The new patent is for the ability for the upcoming system’s processor to interpret past consoles’ processors in order to eliminate synchronization errors and help aid in running games from previous consoles on the upcoming system.

The designer of the new system, Mark Cerny (who also developed the architecture behind the PS4), explained that the new system allows the PS5 to imitate previous consoles and determine the exact needs of the software it’s running so that the PS5 can act as the original “brain of each machine.”

Here you can see more detailed diagrams and explanations of the system in Japanese.

All this points towards what many are hoping for, backwards compatibility on PS5. If the currently news is any hint, it looks like we’ll be getting just that.

Source: HobbyConsolas

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