Metro developer threatens to pull the next game from PC if Metro Exodus under performs

In a recent forum, a developer for Metro Exodus has responded to the criticisms Metro Exodus has been facing due to its recent controversial last minute move from Steam to Epic Games Store on PC.

In the forum post, the developer lashes out at those who have criticized the move, saying that they “did not want to play [in the first place], and just waited for a reason to pour out their bile.”

“That is, it turns out that we (the developers) for years have been hard and painful, with losses, trying to do something special, but a certain category of players believes that our work is not worth even a couple of minutes to install the launcher.”

“If at all all the PC players announce a boycott of the Metro, then the next metro, if it does, is definitely not on the PC. Better or worse, decide for yourself.”

Translated from Russian

Obviously, the developer is furious that the game they’ve worked hard on is being bashed by thousands of online users all of the sudden, but the developer clearly doesn’t understand the point of all the online criticisms.

No one is frustrated with the perceived quality of the game, and the majority of those angry at the game’s switch in platform are extremely interested in the game (unlike what the developer claims). Fans are angry at the sudden announced move which effects many aspects of the single player game. It will now have Epic Games Store’s DRM, Epic’s regional pricing (which is noticeably worse than Steam’s), etc.

The developer here doesn’t understand that people are angry because many aren’t going to pay for a game they wanted to buy due to the actions of Deep Silver and Epic.

Either way, this forum post could create a lot of backlash from the PC community. Many who were on the fence about buying the game on Epic Games Store may be swayed towards holding off on purching the game due to the lack of understanding and the blackmailing being done by this developer.

Clearly, 4AGames needs a better PR department.

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