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Rise to Ruins developer gives back double the received donations due to the game’s success

After the success of Rise to Ruins, sole developer Raymond Doerr has ended the game’s Patreon campaign and decided to give back to those who gave to him.

The SixtyGig Games’ Patreon was initially created as a fund that would go into the studio’s “rainy day” fund so that Doerr could continue developing if funds ran dry.

The Patreon is now on permanent pause due to the success of the game. Doerr says that the game’s income is more than enough to live on as well as fill the needed rainy day fund.

On top of all this, Doerr is giving back to his patrons. All who donated over the course of the Patreon campaign will receive double what they donated back.

If you donated 1 dollar a month for 6 months, you’ll get 12 dollars back, etc.

The move is one of the most respectable, and gracious moves to come out of the game industry in a while. Hopefully this kind of good-will can spread a little bit in the industry.

Check out Rise to Ruins on Steam. It definitely deserves the attention.

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