Apex: Legends breaks 1 million unique players in 8 hours

The newest battle royale on the the block seems to be having a successful launch so far.

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex: Legends dropped yesterday, January 4, and was able to hit 1 million unique players within 8 hours of launching. This is great news for the free-to-play battle royale title as the only way the game can monetarily succeed is through high player counts and selling loot boxes.

Apex: Legends has certainly made a splash during its launch, but the question of the game’s longevity is till up in the air.

At this point, competing with the giant that is Fortnite seems unlikely, but Respawn promises plenty of upcoming new content, events, etc. to come to the game.

Whether or not Respawn can live up to those promises is to be seen though, as other battle royale games (mainly Call of Duty’s Blackout) have failed to live up to their promises of post-launch content.

If you’re interested in a new battle royale though, this seems like one to pick up while it’s hot. We’ll be releasing a review of Apex: Legends after a little time, for now though, check out the game’s Deep Dive Trailer and see what you think –

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