Oculus Rift successor, Rift S, could be somewhere around the corner

In code discovered by Upload VR, supporting files in Oculus PC showed the existence of an ‘Oculus Rift S’.

A previous article by TechCrunch first reported the possibility existence of the Rift S in November. At the time, the Rift S was suggested to have an improved resolution and inside-out tracking similar to the Oculus Rift Quest.

The code discovered by Upload VR had some interesting content within in.

Among the findings was a user interface code which would allow the user to choose between 50Hz, 60Hz, and ‘auto’ for room lighting. Software IPD adjustement also seems to be included in the headset instead of the physical adjustment currently on the Rift.

According to CTO John Carmack, the Quest began development before the Oculus Go, and if it were designed to day it would have used the Oculus Go’s LCD panel.

Upload VR speculates that this could mean the Rift S will use the Go’s 2560×1440 resolution LCD panel.

If the Rift S cleans up some of the rough edges the original Oculus Rift had, we could be in for an extremely nice headset. Hopefully though, the price isn’t too large.

When HTC released their improved headset, the HTC Vive Pro, many were shocked that the huge 800 price for the headset alone. The Oculus Rift launched with an original price of 600 dollars. If it comes out to about that price with the speculated features, I’d say the PC VR market could be getting a solid new headset.

Source: Upload VR

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