Final Fantasy 14’s newest expansion, Shadowbringers, details announced

Final Fantasy’s 3rd expansion, Shadowbringers, launches July 2, and brings along several new jobs (Final Fantasy 14’s classes).

Among the announced jobs are the Gunbreakers, a class of sword wielders whose blades also act as guns. The class isn’t ranged, instead the guns on their blades will act as an enhancer to their melee attacks. The Gunbreakers class will fall within the tank role.

The location of Shadowbringers isn’t known yet, but it’s currently rumored that it will take place in Garlemald, the home continent of Final Fantasy 14’s antagonists.However, game director Naoki Yoshida did show off several new zones from the upcoming expansion.

The Shadowbringers expansion will also include 9 new dungeons. Nier: Automata’s game designer, Yoko Taro, will also be designing 3 new raids for the game.

The three raids will be titled Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse, and will be fully themed after Nier: Automata. The three new raids will be alliance raids, the new type of raid that will see 3 teams of 8 players working throughout the raid together.

It’s still unknown how the lore of Nier: Automata will fit in with Final Fantasy 14.

The Shadowbringers expansion will also be introducing a “Trust System” which allows players to team up with NPCs for tasks that would usually require you team form a group.

Among all of this are the normal changes for an expansion. There will be a level cap raise from 70 to 80, and the game’s battle system will undergo some maintenance.

Shadowbringers releases July 2.

Source: PC Gamer, PC Gamer

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