Activision quietly added loot boxes into Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4’s monetization scheme has already seen a lot of criticism for being, in light terms, shit.

The game launched with a 50 dollar season pass dubbed the Black Ops Pass that promised players the standard amount of Call of Duty DLC, 12 new multiplayer maps and 4 new zombies maps, on top of what was supposed to the most supported Call of Duty ever.

It’s now almost March, and the second DLC has just hit PS4, and comes to Xbox One and PC next week. So far, players have received only 1 zombies map and 4 multiplayer maps (only playable with others who bought the extremely low selling Black Ops Pass), along with extremely negligible updates since launch.

After the newest update which finally added DLC 2 into the mix, players were quick to spot that Activision sneakily added loot boxes into the game.

Previously, after a player earned 100 tiers of loot while playing multiplayer and Blackout they would begin earning reserve crates. The crates were essentially loot boxes, but they were seen as just extra earnable loot past the 100 tier mark.

However, now players earn nothing after gaining their 100 tiers.

All players now earn reserve crates form the start at a horribly slow rate. The items contained within the crates are items players might have missed out on during past seasons.

Oh yeah, and duplicates. You can earn duplicate items in each box.

This only shows Activision’s true intent with the Call of Duty franchise, and it really casts a shadow on what could have been an exciting update for the game.

For me, this dulls a lot of hype I had for the next Call of Duty title (which will most likely be Modern Warfare 4).

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now a 60 dollar game with micro-transactions, a 50 dollar season pass, loot boxes, and a Fortnite Battle Pass unlock system with purchasable tiers.

What a joke.

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