Apex Legends – New survival mode and new legends leaked

Dataminers sifting through Apex Legends’ files have found multiple references to new content coming in future updates for Apex Legends.

A new mode titled “Survival” was found within the game’s files. The mode seems to contain announcer and spectator NPCs to cheer the player on and perform emotes on their own. The mode isn’t confirmed for the game as of yet. It may not even come to the game at all, but its interesting to see the game experimenting with new ways to play at the very least.

Dataminer RealApexLeaks also found references to a replay system within the files. The replay system seems to be in line with the Killcam in Titanfall.

RealApexLeaks also found what appears to be upcoming legends. The two unannounced legends go by “Octane” and “Watson”. Octane possesses the ability to use something called “Stim”, and Watson can use a “Tesla Trap”.

Again, there isn’t much idea as to what these abilities are (other than the obvious speculations any one could make), but Apex Legends as promised more legends in future updates and these very well could be two of those upcoming legends.

ApexUpdate also found hints of upcoming solo and duo modes within the game’s files. This find would definitely make a welcome edition in the game for players that don’t always have friends to play with.

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