Overkill’s The Walking Dead is NOT being canceled

Overkill’s The Walking Dead as a huge disappointment. Many were extremely excited at what the game seemed to be offering thanks to its extremely realistic and gritty trailers. What PC players received though, was a boring repetitive mess of a game.

After poor sales following the PC release of the game, the console version of the game had been postponed indefinitely with a new release date supposedly coming.

One Reddit user created a post stating that the title had been canceled and they showed off a refund as proof of the game’s cancellation. We now have official word on Overkill’s The Walking Dead though, and it seems that the game’s development is still underway.

Via their official Twitter, 505 Games confirmed that the game was not being canceled and that development was still underway.

There is still no release date confirmed for the game, but hopefully when it does release its in a better state than it was during its PC release.

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