Bioware’s Anthem sales only half the physical copies of Mass Effect Andromeda

Anthem’s reviews have been scathing, and it seems like the sales numbers are also speaking volumes about the quality of the game. We don’t know the exact digital sales of Anthem, but its physical sales only half that of Mass Effect Andromeda’s.

Anthem’s extremely chopped up release schedule and the game’s rocky beta could play heavily into the lack of sales.

Because of the game’s online-only nature, more digitial sales are expected, and according to Eurogamer Anthem only sold one-quarter of Destiny 2’s physical opening week sales number.

So far its not looking for Anthem, and this has many worried about Bioware’s future. EA is known for closing studios that under perform (A full list of studios closed by EA from Forbes) , and with this game’s poor performance out of the gate Bioware’s future looks grim.

Our review of Anthem is currently underway.

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