Beat Saber is getting its first DLC this month

The first “Music Pack” for Beat Saber will be releasing on March 14 for both PC and PlayStation VR.

The Music Pack will be a paid DLC, so you’ll need to shell out a few dollars to pick up the new tracks. The number of songs and price of the DLC hasn’t been announced as of yet.

On both the official Beat Saber Twitter page and on Beat Saber’s Steam news page the devs showed off the upcoming overhaul to the game’s UI.

The new UI will help players browse the multiple soundtracks and DLC, and along with these changes PC players will also see the introduction of the Campaign mode and the OST Vol. 2 songs previously exclusive to PS VR players.

It’s great to finally see Beat Saber get a meatier update. The game has been lacking quality content updates for quite a while, forcing PC players to depend on custom songs for new content. PS VR players had to simply deal with the hand they were given while waiting for new content.

Hopefully the devs behind Beat Saber will keep pushing these updates out moving forward and Beat Saber players will have plenty of content to look forward to.

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