Someone might be using your email address on the Epic Games Store

Just when the dust was finally settling from Epic’s latest controversy, Reddit user u/-dov- pointed out to the r/Games community that the Epic Games Store doesn’t require any sort of email validation to make an account.

According to the Reddit user, multiple fraudulent accounts had been made using emails belonging to them. After having the accounts deactivated, the user decided to create a new account using another email to test Epic’s security.

And of course, they found that Epic didn’t require any email validation.

We also went and made another account on the Epic Games Store, and yeah, there’s no security whatsoever.

It’s a joke that Epic doesn’t have a single security measure in place to help protect users from fraud. The sad thing is, the only way to stop your emails from being used as of now is to make Epic Games Store accounts for them so that some Russian doesn’t make an account on them.

Epic Games NEEDS to fix this issue along with the countless other issues at hand. As times rolls on, PC users are only growing increasingly frustrated with the lackluster store they’ve release and the company itself.

We can only wait and see if Epic cares enough about their store to improve on its security and features. For the sake of security, let’s hope that enough people know about the email issue so that they’re forced to do something about it.

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