The next Xbox system may not have a disc drive

The Xbox One’s pre-release period saw panic surrounding what seemed to be an always online console.

Many feared the implications that a console that would only allow players to play offline for 24 hours. No one likes DRM, and having it forced on the your entire console wasn’t something people wanted to even imagine. Well now, it seems like Microsoft is taking another risk with the Xbox One.

Rumors are currently suggesting that Microsoft is looking to release an Xbox console completely lacking a disc drive. According to Thurrott, the next Xbox to release looks like an Xbox One S with the disc drive removed.

The removal of the drive is designed to bring the price of the Xbox One down as low as possible. The console could cost as little as 200 dollars, possible even less.

The console is also said to be releasing alongside a new “Disc-to-Digital” program by Microsoft. The program will allow players to trade in their physical games for digital codes at select stores.

If Thurrott’s sources are correct the console is targeting a release date as early as Spring 2019.

If you’re like me, the dawning of an all-digital console is a little saddening. I’ve always enjoyed the collection of game cases I can display alongside my consoles, but for many digital is the way to go.

Thurrott also claims that Microsoft is working on a revised Xbox One S console which is keeping the disc drive in tact.

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