Call of Duty’s Shamrock & Awe event is a laughable cash grab

The newest Black Ops 4 update is here, and with it comes a heaping serving of shit soup. The Shamrock & Awe Saint Patrick’s day themed event touts some new cosmetics to earn in game, too bad you’ll have to pay up to even participate in the event.

The about 9GB update features almost nothing for players who aren’t willing to pony up 20 dollars to get the new cosmetics. If you don’t pay you’ll unlock a calling card and gesture.

Other than that, there’s a new game mode called Stockpile in multiplayer, the Hellcatraz gauntlet in zombies, the Blackout map received a Spring update, hardcore Blackout, a map variation, and a couple other minor updates to the game.

In a 60 dollar game that already includes a season pass, purchasable tiers in a battle pass system, loot boxes, and microtransactions why not throw in a cosmetic update that costs more than the normal Call of Duty DLC packs cost not just one year ago.

Black Ops 4 is becoming even more a laughing stock to those who hate Call of Duty and a frustrating mess for fans.

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