Sega pulls Judgement from store shelves after Actor Pierre Taki is charged for cocaine use

Due to charges filed against Pierre Taki, an actor in Judgement (Judge Eyes in Japan), Sega has halted all sales of the game. Taki was charged for cocaine use after Japanese authorities perfomed a urine test on him despite not finding any drugs in his home.

While it may seem crazy to halt the game’s sales from an outsider’s perspective, it’s important to understand that Japan’s drug laws are extremely strict.

Sega has apologized for the halted sales and is currently assessing how to move forward with the situation at hand.

Judgement is set to release outside of Japan on June 25, and there is no news detailing what the future holds for the game. We’ll have to wait for more updates from Sega to see whether or not the Western release will be affected.

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