Sony is possibly looking into acquiring Take Two Interactive

There is currently a major rumor swirling around that Sony is on the move to acquire Take Two Interacive. Take Two Interactive heads some major gaming names such as 2K games and Rockstar games.

The rumor started thanks to a 5% rise in Take Two’s stocks being attributed to Sony being in “advanced board level discussions to acquire Take-Two Interactive in a mostly cash deal.”

Since the talk of Sony buying Take Two began, Wedbush Securities, the investment firm from which the whole story began, has distanced themselves from the rumors. Joel Kulina spoke with Games Industry and said that he wasn’t sure if someone simply acquired a trading note he had written or not, because he isn’t sure who quoted him on saying that.

Kulina says that the acquisition is “purely unconfirmed market speculation.”

It may be a wild rumor, but Microsoft has been steadily acquiring new studios in order to set themselves up for the next generation. Sony could as well be shooting for this same strategy, but if this rumor is true they’re going all out right from the start.

Take Two Interactive declined to comment.

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