Sources say Modern Warfare 4 won’t contain Specialist characters or battle Royale

It looks like Call of Duty is going back to its roots yet again with Modern Warfare 4. The fan favorite Modern Warfare series will likely get a next game according to multiple series, and after another high mobility Black Ops game with a huge amount of changes it looks like fans are getting the Call of Duty they remember back.

According to Gaming INTEL’s sources, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 won’t feature any specialist characters in multiplayer or any Battle Royale mode.

Gaming INTEL says that Modern Warfare 4 will be ditching the specialists to help Call of Duty return to its roots. No longer will every player be equipped with some incredibly strong gadget or ability. Instead, players will have to rely on the standard Call of Duty layout.

There is no word on just which standard Call of Duty layout that is though as of yet. We could end up seeing layouts akin to Modern Warfare 3 along with the return of the Specialist Scorestreak system, but no details have been leaked or confirmed for this.

Gaming INTEL also states that Modern Warfare 4 will be removing the Battle Royale mode and will instead focus on Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-op modes.

If these leaks are true, Modern Warfare 4 could be the game fans have been waiting for.

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