Everything you need to know about Google’s new game streaming platform – Stadia

Today at GDC, Google unveiled their plans for the future of gaming – Stadia.

Stadia will launch in 2019 as a new games streaming platform available across a number of devices. Google says that you’ll be able to play on desktop, laptop, mobile, and smart TV, and you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between the devices.

Stadia will launch along with a selection of PC games to choose from, and games can run up to 4K at 60fps thanks to a custom AMD GPU producing over 10 teraflops of power. Games will be able to utilize Google’s resources based on demand as well, meaning that more power (or less power) can be given to your gameplay experience if needed.

You’ll be able to use existing USB controllers as well as mouse and keyboard to control games in Stadia, but Google is also launching their own control with some built in features to help make the Stadia experience even more streamlined.

The controller will connect over WiFi directly to Google’s Stadia servers, and will have buttons to utilize Google Assistant using the controller’s built in microphone in-game. The controller revolves around a Play Now button that can be pressed within any web browser. After pressing the Play now button, games can be launched within 5 seconds. No more waiting on installs, patches, etc. The controller also has a share button which will allow you to immediately capture gameplay to YouTube, livestream, or save gameplay clips for later.

During the conference, Google also confirmed that exclusive games produced by Google’s own Stadia Games and Entertainment headed by Assassin’s Creed Co-Founder Jade Raymond.

Other than Doom Eternal, which was announced to be coming to Stadia running at 4K 60 fps, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was displayed running at 1080p 60 fps, no games have been announced for the streaming service.

There also isn’t a price for the service or controller yet, but hopefully those details are right around the corner as Stadia is set to release sometime within 2019.

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