Valve announces that Steam is getting a makeover and some new features

For as long as many PC gamers can remember, the Steam library has looked basically the same for a long time. That will change soon as Valve plans to give the Steam library page a nice update with a good amount of new features.

The new update sets out to improve the way players jump into what they are more likely to want to play.

In the Library page Steam users will see their recently played games at the top of the large right tab. Underneath that there’s a section dedicated to games that have received updates recently. After these two sections your entire library will be displayed with some nice looking box art.

Another major change coming to Steam is the new Events tab. The Events tab will allow you to see the most recent title updates to the games in your library as well as events running in your games like double XP weekends or free-to-play days.

These new features along with the redesign will be coming sometime within the next couple of months in the Steam open beta.

It’s certainly good to see Valve respond to the pressure put on them by Epic, but it may take more than some Steam Store TLC to quieten down the Epic Games Store and its disruptive exclusives despite how polarizing they are.

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