Another big name joins the gaming platform war – What is the Apple Arcade?

Gaming platforms are extending beyond the console and PC, and as time rolls by more and more companies want a slice of the pie.

For a while now, it’s been rumored that the next generation Xbox will have 2 different consoles to choose from. The traditional Xbox we’re all used to, and a cheaper alternative with an entirely cloud based system.

Google recently jumped into the game streaming war with Stadia, their own cloud based gaming platform. Their service will allow gamers to play from a selection of games on the fly from their internet browser, smart TV with chromecast, phone, tablet, etc. Every game will be pushing its graphics to the max and will run up to 4K 60fps.

Apple is the newest horse in the race with their newly introduced Apple Arcade.

The Apple Arcade will be downloadable from the App Store this fall, and will be a subscription based service that will allow players to play games curated by Apple for the service.

Unlike the other services though, Apple Arcade isn’t cloud based. The service will run directly on the Apple device you’re on. The platform will be ad-free and DLC-free thanks to the subscription model. If you’re subscribed you’ll get everything the game has to offer.

Apple also confirmed that you’ll be able to jump seamlessly between devices and continue where you left off. This means while the game may be using your hardware, game saves will likely be managed by the cloud.

The Apple arcade will have over 100 exclusive games at launch, and while most of these are probably mobile games it’s still an impressive number.

The new service is more akin to Xbox Game Pass than to the upcoming cloud based game streaming services.

Whether or not you or I want it, game streaming and subscription game services are coming from every direction. It looks like an interesting, yet somewhat scary path for gaming to take, but these services are coming none the less.

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