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Blizzard bans ‘Okay’ hand sign for being a “white power symbol”

According to E-Sports reporter Rod Breslau the ‘Okay’ hand sign has been barred from the Overwatch League arena for “its association as a white power symbol.”

You’re reading that right the simple hand sign that’s been around for as long as anyone can remember has been marked down as a white supremacy sign by Blizzard. This all stems from a 4-Chan trolling campaign led by the notorious /pol.

This comes after Blizzards previous ban of Pepe the Frog from Overwatch League matches as it was deemed to be associated with white nationalist groups.

Many fans of the Overwatch League of taken to Twitter to ridicule and mock the joke that is these bans.

While the silly idea that this symbol is a racist one is already enough to scoff at, it also shows just how much power trolls and actual white supremacists have over Blizzard. At this rate, anything said, done, or used by a white supremacist could end up triggering Blizzard to ban something entirely from their E-sport.

If something as simple as the ‘okay’ sign or “look here – got ’em” sign, whatever you think it to be, can be deemed as racist then nothing is safe from those who want to do wrong with innocent actions.

If Blizzard truly wants to make the Overwatch League a hate-free zone, then making blanket statements and bans won’t solve anything.

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