Superhot VR has officially generated more revenue than the original non-VR Superhot

There are a lot of people who sincerely doubt the VR market. Many think that VR games just can’t live up to the experience of non-VR titles. Others think that there just aren’t enough people with VR capable systems and headsets to compete with the non VR market.

Superhot VR has just blasted through VR’s naysayers. The VR title has now officially sold over 800,000 units, pushing its revenue past the original game’s.

If you’ve ever had the chance to try our Superhot VR, you’ll understand just how perfect the game works in VR and just how understandable the game’s high sales numbers are.

Since its release in 2017, Superhot VR has ranked as the 3rd best-selling PS VR title, and one of the top 12 best-selling VR games on Steam.

Studio Co-Founder and Business Director Tomasz Kaczmarczyk said in an interview with MIXED that the large sales numbers of Superhot VR correlate strongly to the sales of VR headsets.

“There’s just more people that have headsets, and a lot of them will buy Superhot VR. It’s not anywhere near the patterns you see for regular games, where you see your sales decline over time and people start getting bored and they buy new stuff. For VR, if you’re in this “best-selling” list, your sales pattern is just about people buying headsets, and people buying your game.”

The team behind Superhot and Superhot VR is currently working on an upcoming expansion to the original Superhot as well as another non-VR title that is expected to release this year.

After the two titles launch or have at least been streamlined to the point of being able to reduce the development teams, Kaczmarczyk says that the team “would like to work on something again in VR, and have a new VR project. [However] it’s not decided yet.”

Source: RoadToVR

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