In order to raise awareness and donations for Notre Dame, Ubisoft is making Assassin’s Creed Unity free for a limited time

The tragedy of the Notre Dame fire has swept news over the past couple of days, and thanks to the generosity of many hundreds of millions have already been raised in order to help reconstruct the historical cathedral.

Many reports currently circulating suggest the possibility that the 3D-mapped Notre Dame cathedral contained within Assassin’s Creed unity could be used to help rebuild what was lost in the fire.

It seems that Ubisoft has jumped at the opportunity to help efforts in rebuilding the chapel.

Ubisoft announced that in light of the fire, they would be donating €500,00 (about $565,00) to aid in rebuilding efforts. On top of this, Assassin’s Creed Unity is being made free on PC for a limited time so that players can have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Notre Dame.

Ubisoft hopes that experiencing the awe inspiring cathedral in-game can help to encourage more donations.

To download your free copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity you’ll need to log in to your Ubisoft account through the Notre Dame giveaway page. The free download is available through April 25 at 3 AM Eastern Time.

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