Anthem’s future isn’t looking too good – Bioware has delayed its entire roadmap

Anthem was already in trouble thanks to its extremely shaky start, but it looks like the future of the game is already looking grim.

In a Reddit update post, the team at Bioware announced that the game’s roadmap will be delayed. According to the post, the team will be delaying the Mastery System, Guilds, Legendary Mission – Phase II, Weekly Stronghold Challenges, Leaderboards, some upcoming Freeplay Events, and Cataclysm.

Bioware claims that they are working hard on the game, including the constantly horrible in-game loot, but they gave no details about any of the fixes.

As of now it seems that Anthem is dead in the water, and most of the game’s promises of future updates and improvements seems to be empty. Many speculate that the team currently working on Anthem is only a skeleton of the original team so that most of Bioware can focus their efforts on the upcoming Dragon Age 4.

While this is just a rumor, with the lack of quality updates, delay, and lack of information from Bioware it does seem possible that most of Anthem’s developers have moved away from the project.

It seems that Anthem isn’t looking any hotter than it was at launch. Players that held out some hope for updates are already turning their backs on a game that released to extremely poor reception.

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