The new Overwatch Workshop shows how little Blizzard is working on their own game

The newest feature coming to Overwatch is the Overwatch Workshop, a new in-game tool that allows players to customize their custom games to a whole new degree.

This isn’t just your average game mode creator. The Workshop allows players to fully script their game modes for maximum customization. It’s a great tool that I’m sure will lead to a ton of extremely fun game modes, but I don’t think that it’s what Overwatch needs right now.

Once of the biggest complaints from the many who have abandoned Overwatch is balance issues and lack of content.

Personally, I’ve never had an issue with balance. Then again, I never took Overwatch as a super competitive game. For those who do, it’s easy to find countless complaints about certain characters, balance numbers, etc. Many pin the death of Overwatch down to certain characters (mainly Brigette), and while it can be argued that balance is killing the fun to be had in Overwatch what killed it for me was the extreme lack of content.

Overwatch has struggled to retain the huge audience it once had because it just gets boring to play after enough time. I can only push a payload and take an objective enough times, and while there are a few other game modes in the Arcade Blizzard’s constant rotation of the modes made them feel like they weren’t pouring time into.

On top of that the only new things added into the game were a couple maps and characters a few times a year. The only things outside of that are the limited time game modes that get continuously recycled.

Blizzard needs to consider adding real content into the game. If I could ask for anything I’d kill for a full campaign.

Regardless of what I want, Overwatch needs something to bring back players. It seems like the only thing keeping the spark alive in the Overwatch community is the Overwatch League. If it weren’t for that I feel that the game wouldn’t even have the player base it’s holding on to now. Of course, there’s no proof of a decline in players as Blizzard refuses to release a current player count.

Beeing able to make your own content in-game is awesome, but when it’s the only way to get new content then there’s a real issue.

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