Black Ops 4’s operation Spectre Rising detailed

The newest operation in Black Ops 4 has been revealed by Treyarch, and on top of some new maps we’re also getting a new specialist, new game modes, and more.

Multiplayer will be getting 3 new maps in the form of Masquerade, Artifact, and Black Ops 1’s WMD remastered. Strangely enough the remaster of WMD does indeed count towards 1 of the 12 Black Ops Pass maps. This will surely anger some fans as Black Ops 4 is already littered with remakes and remasters of previous Call of Duty maps.

Many have already been complaining for months that the content released along with the Black Ops Pass hasn’t lived up to the expectations of those who bought the $50 DLC pass.

Along with the multiplayer maps comes new weapons, skins, camos, and modes for multiplayer fans to try out.

Blackout’s map will be seeing another update as the dam bursts to flood the map. This will be a fun switch up to the map as popular locations will be entirely different as water could make ground-level combat completely contained within water, and boats will finally feel extremely useful (maybe).

Treyarch also revealed that the Call of Duty Days of Summer will be coming sometime within the Spectre Rising operation.

Zombies players will be recieving 2 new gauntlets, new weapons, gauntlet leaderboards, and more.

Watch Treyarch’s full livestream for even more in-depth details about Spectre Rising:

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