New Halo The Master Chief Collection development update discusses PC details and delayed release date

The Master Chief Collection for PC has been at the top of many wish lists since it’s announcement.

Since its reveal, players have been waiting for an exact release date for the collections first title to be announced. Luckily though, 343 Industries has come out detailing some of the hardships they’ve faced in a new development update.

Within the dev update lies some of the details for the upcoming PC specific details including PC controls, PC native UI, and PC settings options.


  • Robust action mapping options
  • Great mouse/keyboard input across the entire game
  • Low input latency by leveraging raw input and latency validation via slow motion cameras
  • Support for a broad set of mouse and gameplay options

PC Native UI

  • Updated UI controls familiar to PC users
  • Robust video and game options that allow users to tailor the experience to their hardware
  • Support for FOV sliders (to the extent each game can realistically support)
  • Text chat

Runs on a variety of hardware and takes advantage of what is there in both UI and gameplay

  • Range of resolution and aspect ratio support for monitors
    • 4K+ resolution, native aspect ratio support from 4:3 up to 21:9 Ultrawide
    • GSync/FreeSync support
    • High refresh rate support
  • Mice both high or low DPI
  • Multiple styles of Keyboards
  • Video cards, both dedicated and integrated
  • XInput supported controllers
  • Loading optimizations

High quality window handling

  • Borderless full screen
  • Flexible window resizing
  • Gracefully handles keyboard shortcuts such as ALT-TAB/ALT-ENTER, etc.

The post also discusses that the team behind the PC port has faced some challenges in development, and the game will be releasing a little behind schedule.

“The less good news (depending on your point of view) is that all the work needed to get the actual game build ready for public flighting is taking a bit longer than we hoped. It’s not to say the project is at risk or anything crazy is going on, just that this is a complex, ambitious project with many technical challenges – not to mention the process and steps needed to get the right build into the hands of Halo Insiders is also quite complex with numerous dependencies.”

For even more info about PC port details, Halo Insider Program and more check out the official dev update.

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