Blizzard will require Blizzcon attendees to download an extremely intrusive app

Blizzcon 2019 is still a good while away, but things are already heading into murky waters with the recent news that attendees will have to downloand AXS Mobile App to pick up their badges.

AXS Mobile App is extremely fishy as it requires users to give the app an extremely long list of permissions.

  • Read your contacts
  • Approximate (Network-based) location
  • Precise (GPS and Network-based) location
  • Take pictures and video
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • Receive data from internet
  • Full network access
  • Prevent device from sleeping
  • Read battery statistics
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices
  • Access Bluetooth settings
  • Run at startup
  • Control vibration
  • Prevent device from sleeping
  • Modify system settings

Currently, Blizzard plans on using your phone’s Bluetooth connection to track your location throughout the event. There will be hidden Bluetooth beacons throughout the Blizzcon venue that your phone will detect and send the data of your location to Blizzard.

The AXS Mobile App is also notorious for using the huge amount of permissions it requires to scrape data from phones that it’s on.

According to Blizzard, users who have something preventing them from downloading the app can go to the Solutions Desk at Blizzcon. But while users may be able to seek out help from the Solutions Desk, Blizzard also specifically states that they won’t be accepting physical tickets, email verification, etc. Users MUST download the app and bring a valid photo ID in order to enter. It’s could a possibility that users not wanting to download the app onto their phone may be forced into downloading it at Blizzcon.

Blizzard is really doubling down on the “do you guys not have phones” thing it seems.

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