Developers are turning down Epic Games Store exclusivity deals due to possible brand damage

Following the announcement that Rocket League could be removed off of Steam in order to become an Epic Games Store exclusive, a Reddit post surfaced detailing multiple developers turning down exclusivity deals due to the potential of brand damage.

According to the developer of Rise of Industry, Epic approached the them to attempt to bring the game to the Epic Games Store. The developer declined the offer as it would have forced the game to become an Epic Games Store exclusive.

It also seems that Epic was in discussion with the team behind Factorio. The latest Factorio blog post details the developer’s dedication to doing their best to do good by the consumer.

“No selling-out to big companies that would use the game as cash grab while destroying the brand (we actually declined to negotiate “investment opportunities” like this several times already, no matter what the price would be), the same would be when it would potentially come to any exclusivity deals, which is its own subject…”

It’s definitely great to see developers taking the consumers into question when going about the business side of game development. Hopefully more developers will come out against exclusivity in the future as Epic continues to divide the PC gaming community.

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