Crowdfunded game Outer Wilds to back-stab donators by signing Epic Games Store exclusivity deal

A game previously announced to be as accessible to the consumer as possible by provided support for Windows, Linux, and Mac users through Steam has decided to abuse the trust of its crowd-funding backers and jump on the money trail by signing an exclusivity deal with Epic.

Outer Worlds, and upcoming title by Mobius Digital, will now be releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store on PC.

The announcement came via an official update from Mobius Digital which states that the game will now be releasing first on Xbox One and on the Epic Games Store on PC.

Still to this day the Outer Wilds’s crowd-funding page touts the availability of the game on Steam, Linux, and Mac. Because of the switch to the Epic Games Store, none of these will be options for those who invested in the game regardless of the previous promise of support from the developers.

Mobius Digital could still be planning on bringing Outer Wilds to Steam at a later date, but with a move like this the trust of the consumers has surely been lost already.

The comment section of the crowd-funding page is filled with disappointment by backers, all of which have donated at least $20.

Mobius Digital has betrayed my trust, which I have firmly held from 2015 to today. It blatantly betrayed my trust by complying with a predatory company hellbent on raping the consumer for their money. I have requested a refund and will refrain from purchasing any products that this company releases. I do not and will never want to play something that is a symbol of malicious intent towards myself and other consumers.

-Outer Wilds backer

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