Games are disappearing from the Epic Games Store’s sale

Epic is going after Steam’s well known yearly big-time sales with a huge sale of their own on the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Mega Sale comes just before the anticipated time period of the Steam Spring Sale and offers steep discounts on many of the best games available on Epic Games Store.

At least until they started to disappear.

As of now, 2 games have vanished from the Epic Games Store sale. Both Oxygen Not Included and Vampire: The Masquerade are no longer available on the store for sale. They now only show off 404 pages when accessed.

Kotaku was informer by an Epic representative that the publisher behind Vampire: The Masquerade, Paradox, chose to refrain from participating in the sale at the very last minute.

According to Russian site DTF, the same Epic representative said that he thought Paradox was aware of how the sale was going to affect their game, but it seems that he was wrong.

As of now, it isn’t fully known why these games were pulled from the store temporarily, but it’s likely due to the fact that both games will see some confusing pricing issues when setting sale prices on other stores as both Vampire: The Masquerade and Oxygen Not Included aren’t Epic Games Store exclusives.

As a part of the Epic Mega Sale, Epic is giving players $10 off an y games purchased with a price of $14.99 or more. It’s easy to see the price discrepancies that could emerge with other games store sales on the horizon, and it’s possible that both publishers wanted to avoid any confusion regarding future pricing.

Still, it’s strange to see Epic stumbling about during their first big sale. These removed games aren’t the only confusion going on during the sale as the Epic Games Store exclusive Hades has seen multiple price changes and a complete removal of its sale discount.

For a company with all the money and resources it could get its hands on, the current state of the Epic Games Store is horrendous and it’s future isn’t looking bright either thanks to bumpy road-map of updates and a continuous outpouring of hate from the PC gaming community.

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