Anthem’s new “redesigned” road-map spells the end of a disastrous game

It’s no surprise to many that Anthem isn’t going to last the full length of its lifespan. For the most part, titles releases in a “games as a service” style have failed to live up to developer and publisher promises.

Anthem is breaking new ground though by being one of the biggest failures of the games as a service model.

The titles hasn’t even been our for a full 4 months, but it’s already looking like the beginning of the end.

Recently, Bioware announced a redesigned road-map for Anthem. The new road-map is an extremely stripped down version of the previous roadmap.

In the road-map, small bug fixes and refreshed store items are displayed prominently as if they were major items coming to the game. Later updates aren’t visible, possibly hinting at the fact that there is little to nothing even there to care about.

Previously, an analysis on Anthems player count concluded that the Xbox One player count was already below 2,500. For a game with a “huge lifespan” that’s incredibly low.

It’s safe to say that Anthem is already rotting away, but the future of Bioware will be interesting to watch as now their previous two titles have failed miserably.

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