Pokemon Sword & Shield release date and details revealed

Nintendo and Game Freak have finally unveiled the release date for the upcoming mainline Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield will be releasing on November 15, 2019.

During Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct presentation, more details about the game were also announced including this game’s special new Pokemon variation – Dynamax Pokemon.


In the brand new Galar region, Pokemon have the ability to become Dynamaxed. When a Pokemon becomes its Dynamax form it will grow to an enormous size and its strength will grow with it.

When you Dynamax your Pokemon in a battle, its Dynamax form will last 3 turns. Once those turns are up, it will transform back into is normal state.

The Wild Area

The Galar region offers more than just huge Pokemon though, it also offers an expansive world with tons of different environments to explore. One of which is being called the Wild Area.

When in the Wild Area, players will be able to encounter wild Pokemon to fight and capture. When playing with friends, you’ll have the ability to team up to take down wild Dynamax Pokemon. You’ll be able to team up with up to 3 other friends for these challenges, and once you’ve weakened the Dynamax Pokemon enough you’ll get your chance at capturing it.

Be weary though, these Pokemon aren’t just stronger than normal Pokemon, but their Dynamax form will last the entire encounter. You and your friends will only have the chance to Dynamax a single Pokemon for the normal three turns as well, so it’s important to strategize and communicate between your group well!

New Pokemon

Several new Pokemon were also announced to be coming to Sword and Shield.

Left to right: Wooloo, Drednaw, Gossifleur, and Corviknight

We’ve already gotten to see the three new starter Pokemon – Grookey: the grass type, Sobble: the water type, and Scorbunny: the fire type. More Galar region Pokemon were also introduced though, including Wooloo: the giant puffy sheep (who definitely isn’t at all similar to Mareep), Corviknight: the steel and flying type Pokemon that can be used for transport between in-game towns, Gossifleur: the flower pokemon, Eldegoss: the cotton ball evolution of Gossifleur, and Drednaw: the chomping Pokemon.

On top of all those reveals we also got to see the two new legendary Pokemon for Sword and Shield – Zacian (Sword) and Zamazenta (Shield).

Pokemon Sword and Shield looks like it’s got a lot to offer. To check out the official trailers and see even more details about Sword and Shield, check out the full Pokemon Direct.

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