Call of Duty Black Ops PC servers have been shut down with no warning

According to many reports from players of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, servers have been down for 4 days. Currently, both zombies single-player and multiplayer is being affected as the game’s normal multiplayer mode uses community dedicated servers.

Reports of the issue started popping up on Twitter and Reddit, and since the beginning of the server blackout the issue has been reported to Treyarch and Activision.

On Reddit, there hasn’t been any official response, and at 4 days in many are losing hope that this issue will be fixed. Activision did respond to the reports on Twitter, but responses have been limited to the generic “we’re investigating.”

Many expect that the issue will remain untouched regardless of the fact that the game remains on-sale on Steam still advertising its now unplayable zombies feature.

Currently, players suspect that Activision has cut connection for the game’s servers to make way for future games. However, it’s not like PC players will be able to check connection status as Black Ops 1 isn’t even listed as a selectable option on Activision’s connection status page.

Black Ops’s zombies mode is still playable offline thanks to some editing of the game’s config file.

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