EA says it’s loot boxes aren’t loot boxes, they’re “surprise mechanics” and are “quite ethical”

EA always finds a way to remind the gaming community why they are one of the most hated names in gaming.

Whether it be horrible implementation of loot boxes, micro-transaction, lack of innovation (especially in their monopolistic sports titles), or their constant defense of their own shady business practices, they continue to remind the public that EA isn’t the good guy.

Currently, EA’s implementation of loot boxes is under fire from UK government officials.

Kerry Hopkins, EA’s VP of Legal and Government Affairs, is doubling down on EA’s loot boxes.

Or as Hopkins likes to call them, “surprise mechanics.”

In an oral evidence session with the UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, Hopkins claims that the loot boxes within EA games aren’t actually loot boxes, but instead are just “surprise mechanics.”

Hopkins also says that the implementation of these surprise mechanics is “quite ethical.”

“We do agree with the UK gambling commission, the Australian gambling commission, and many other gambling commissions that they aren’t gambling, and we also disagree that there’s evidence that shows it leads to gambling. Instead we think it’s like many other products that people enjoy in a healthy way, and like the element of surprise.”

This all stems from the UK’s investigation on gaming that was announced earlier this year. The investigation covers everything from loot boxes to gaming addiction to government VR support.

EA, of course, is on the hot seat right now for their constant loot box agenda, and multiple countries have already come out against the use of the monetization tactic citing studies that show loot boxes lead to gambling and the fact that they are gambling already as is.

Currently, no legislation has come of the government investigations, but public statements such as these won’t push the consumer towards EA’s side anytime soon.

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