PlayStation Plus changes up its free titles for July

PlayStation Plus subscribers have been complaining about the quality of the service’s games for quite some time now, and it seems that Sony has finally listened to the outcries of its consumers.

Originally, PlayStation Plus subscribers were set to receive Horizon Chase Turbo along with Pro Evolution Soccer for free during July, but it looks like Sony has decided to up the ante.

Pro Evolution Soccer has been removed from the list of free titles for July, and in its place is the fan favorite Detroit: Become Human.

For players hoping that they would get better titles out of the $65/year service it seems that Sony is starting to take note of constant criticisms of the service. In turn, the future of PlayStation Plus could be much brighter, and users could be seeing a much better return for their paid online service than they were prior.

Wondering if you’ll enjoy Detroit: Become Human or now? Check out our review to see our thoughts on the game!

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