Nintendo’s new $200 Switch Lite looks to be a great entry point for gaming on a budget

If the $300 price point was just a bit too much to stomach when looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch, then Nintendo has just unveiled the product for you.

The brand new Nintendo Switch Lite releases later this year on September 20 at the low price point of only $200.

A Nintendo Switch for only $200 sounds like a steal, but there is a big catch. It really isn’t what it says it is. It isn’t a Switch.

The Switch Lite lacks the ability to connect to your TV, and you won’t be able to disconnect the controllers from the unit. The Switch Lite is an entirely handheld device, so there’s no switching involved.

Luckily, the Switch Lite does contain many of the original Switch’s features including a touch screen, Amiibo scanner, and it also replaces the directional buttons on what usually is the left Joy-Con for an actual D-Pad.

For more about the differences between the original Switch and the new Switch Lite, check out Nintendo’s official comparison charts.

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