G2A proposes a method to block certain keys on its platform – that is, if the developer does all the work

The G2A marketplace is widely known as being the sketchiest way to buy your games. Recently, a G2A employee attempted to bribe indie developers to post an article written by G2A that discussed how great G2A was for the games market.

Following this most recent controversy, G2A has proposed a new key-blocking tool for developers.

Developers can enter specific game keys they don’t want sold on the site, such as keys given to review sites/keys given to influencers, and block them from sale on G2A.

Too bad for developers, they’ll have to do all of the work. G2A won’t be doing anything about the many underlying issues with their store. Instead, yet again, they’re pushing the work onto developers, the one’s being directly affected by the issues at hand.

Developer Mike Bethell wasn’t having anything to do with G2A’s attempt to save-face and he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure.

Developer Mike Rose said that, “while the key-blocking initiative is a nice gesture, and if implemented may actually be very useful, it’s just yet another example of G2A publicly making some positive-sounding noise, to glaze over the fact that they’re not actually addressing the issue.”

It’s clear that G2A is not backing down from their store front any time soon, and it also appears that their unethical business practices and lack of real support for developers will also continue. Luckily though, developers aren’t keeping silent about G2A’s many issues.

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