Pavlov developer bans user for pointing out in-game exploits

A recent Reddit post showed off Pavolv developer Dave Villz’s stance on anti-cheat as well as their extreme stance towards those who point out the game’s exploits in the hope they will be fixed.

Reddit user u/lambomang posted a review on the game’s Steam page which explained their interaction with Villz.

The Reddit user sent an email to Villz containing a link to an article written about the game’s exploits so that they could be patched in the future. The article hadn’t been shared with anyone in the hopes that as few people would find the exploits as possible before Villz had the chance to fix the issues.

Instead of thanking the player for essentially bug-reporting, Villz took an extremely hostile stance towards what the player had done.

Villz then responded to the Steam review without sympathy, as he states, but how Villz handled this situation seems strange at the very least.

While it’s important to take a Reddit post with a grain of salt, Villz’s response doesn’t do much to make the hostility warranted.

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