Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer revealed along with new Dark Edition

This year’s Call of Duty game has a lot to live up to with the Modern Warfare subtitle, and if today’s multiplayer reveal is anything to go by then it’s looking like it might just be able to live up the name well.

During today’s reveal for the game’s multiplayer we got to see a lot more of what’s in store. Old-school style class customization, Killstreaks, no mini-map, night variations of maps, 20v20 ground war mode, and in-game weapon customization will all be coming to Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is attempting to bring back so many of the things that old-school Call of Duty fans are nostalgic about while also introducing new mechanics that fans will be ready to embrace.

One thing that everyone will be sure to embrace is the exclusion of the Season Pass. Finally, after being extremely late to the party, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be going without a Season Pass of any kind and will deliver new maps to its players at no cost.

Sure, there will still most likely be an outrageous micro-transaction shop down the line, but the fact that this will be the first Call of Duty where players won’t be split up due to a Season Pass or DLC is a big deal.

Players also won’t be split up by platform either.

Modern Warfare will feature full cross-play support through Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Infinity Ward also seems ambitious about its game when it comes to player count. Typically, Call of Duty games don’t see in-game player counts go higher than 16 players in the classic 8v8 ground war mode. According to Infinity Ward’s Joel Emslie though, Modern Warfare, ” will go over 100 players.”

During the reveal, Infinity Ward also revealed the collector’s edition of the game, the Dark Edition.

This version of the game comes along with a steelbook case, 3 in-game operator skins, in-game tac knife, an animated calling card, and most importantly a set of night vision goggles.

The goggles are in fact entirely functioning, and they’re a nice call back to Modern Warfare 2’s collector’s edition which featured its own set of night vision goggles.

The Dark Edition will set you back $200 if you decide a pair of night vision goggles is in your future.

Modern Warfare definitely seems like the Call of Duty fans have been asking for years for. If it’s gameplay can live up the bar its set for itself, it might just install some hope for the franchise.

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