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Walmart stores told to remove video game signs and demo consoles following mass shootings

This Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017, photo shows corporate signage at a Walmart in Kissimmee, Fla. Walmart is testing a service that lets a delivery person walk into a customer's home when they're not there to drop off packages or put groceries in the fridge. The retailer says the service is for busy families who don't have time to stop at a store. (AP Photo/Swayne B. Hall)

Shortly after ESPN pulled the Apex Legends tournament from its original broadcasting time, Walmart has also decided to get behind the narrative of linking violent video games to violent crimes.

Walmart stores were sent a memo that found its way onto Twitter, demanding “immediate action” for stores to remove signs and displays that “contain violent themes or aggressive behavior.”

The memo specifically called for many items to be censored inside of Walmart stores.

Sadly, it seems that many large companies are getting behind President Trump’s anti-video game rhetoric that continues to link violence to video games regardless of countless studies that prove otherwise.

If you’re into violent video games Walmart doesn’t seem to be okay with that, but they’ll still gladly sell you an actual gun.

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