Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack is officially canceled

To many it will probably come at no surprise, but the long awaited Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack is officially canned.

All the way back at E3 2017 the pack was announced as the solution to the lack of shader packs on console Minecraft. On the PC’s Minecraft Java Edition, shader packs have been a way to enhance Minecraft’s lighting system and give the game a whole new feeling with extremely enhanced graphics.

Today though, Mojang announced on the official Minecraft website that the Super Duper Graphics Pack is never coming out.

According to Mojang, the graphics pack ended up being too difficult to implement as planned, and didn’t perform as well as the team had hoped across Minecraft’s wide array of devices.

Now that the graphics pack is dead, Mojang says that they are still look at ways for players to experience Minecraft.

All the way back in January, we reported on the lack of communication from Mojang about the pack. Instead of communicating the progress of the pack, players were given multiple delays. After missing the most recent delay, nothing was heard from Mojang about the pack until now.

Surely, this is a huge disappointment for many console Minecraft players as its announcement created huge hype in the Minecraft community as it would have given console players something PC players had been using for years.

It’s also rather odd that Mojang has had so much trouble with implementing shader packs onto Minecraft Bedrock Editions as many modders have already implemented their own ways to input shaders into Minecraft Xbox and Pocket Edition.

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