G2A responds to Unknown Worlds’ request for $300,000

Yesterday, Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment requested a staggering $300,000 to cover the promised 10 times chargeback costs from G2A.

Natural Selection 2, developed by Unknown Worlds, had to pay for $30,000 of chargebacks due to over 1,000 copies of the game being paid for with a stolen credit card.

G2A has since responded to the payment request stating simply that the service didn’t even exist during the time of those chargebacks.

“Selling keys on a marketplace which was yet to come into existence seems unreasonable at best.”

While both companies are going back and forth with their rhetoric if G2A is truthful in their statements then this issue could be as well as done.

“Launched in 2014, G2A Marketplace was celebrating its 5th birthday this year. The said keys were allegedly stolen and sold before March 8, 2013 – 6 years ago. Charlie wrote: ‘We paid $30,000 to deal with credit card chargebacks because of G2A.’ That’s just slander, and we expect him to at least edit his posts, if not straight up apologize.

However, if Charlie Cleveland would like us to hire a professional auditing company to check if the keys from before 2014 appeared on a non-existing marketplace, we encourage him to contact the G2A Direct team, as per the initial offer.”

Currently, the only proof of story on the table is an early 2013 snapshot shared by G2A that shows the domain displaying a domain hold page rather than an actual website.

According to research done by Rock Paper Shotgun, the furthest forward on the calendar that the image can be traced to is December of 2012, going against claims made by G2A. However, the first snapshot showing the actual G2A website many know today shows up all the way in June with months of blank space in between.

At this point, it’s hard to pinpoint who is exactly to blame. If any official documents were provided as proof then either G2A could clear their name from this case entirely or Unknown Worlds could continue pressing for the money promised by G2A.

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