Anthem’s lead producer has departed from Bioware

Anthem is already dead in the water at this point in its lifecycle, but if we needed another nail in the coffin the departure of lead producer Ben Irving will certainly speak volumes for the final destination of EA’s Anthem.

On Irving’s personal Twitter account, he confirmed that he had decided to leave the studio in order to begin work at a new, unnamed video game studio.

When Anthem first released, EA and Bioware promised years of content as well as an already fleshed out world and story. Still to this day none of those promises have seen the light of day.

Many have criticized the repetitiveness of Anthem, the lack of engaging story, the many promises that haven’t been fulfilled, and the failed support post-launch of the game.

While those who still hold out a little hope for Anthem’s future may be disappointed it what seems to be the final ring of death’s bell for the game, hopefully Irving finds greener pastures after leaving the studio.

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