Assetto Corsa Competizione won’t be getting its advertised Ray-Tracing

When Ray-Tracing technology was first announced it seemed like it was going to give game a new level of lighting realism that had been unseen before. It promised a lot, and after its release the differences could really be seen in some of the titles that supported it.

Too bad it would cut your frame rates in at least half though.

While its costs and benefits could be weighed against each other differently depending on the type of player you are, at least delivering on the promised feature should be fairly important.

For Assetto Corsa Competizione developer 505 Games though, it seems the previously advertised feature is getting kicked to the curb.

According to an official response on the Steam forums, the feature that was touted to be coming to Competizione at the official announcement of Ray-Tracing is currently not even being explored.

“Our priority is to improve, optimize, and evolve all aspects of ACC. If after our long list of priorities the level of optimization of the title, and the maturity of the technology, permits a full blown implementation of RTX, we will gladly explore the possibility, but as of now there is no reason to steal development resources and time for a very low frame rate implementation.”

While its admirable that 505 Games is prioritizing gameplay and performance over what is basically an another ultra high-level graphics option, why would the team advertise a feature so early on that they had no intention of following up on for an extremely long amount of time. That is, even if they do decide to implement Ray-Tracing in the future.

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